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Leadfeeder is a best tool to know web analytics of your product website, its a website tracking software which gives result how many people have visited your website in a day from across the country. This is a best software useful for marketers, sales people and agencies. Every business person want to know about his business how the leads are generating at what ratio the business is going on Leadfeeder give your a robust tools for generating leads, lead scoring, lead filters and reporting. Get best Leadfeeder discount price on Leadfeeder Plans.

Google Analytics shows from where or from which country customer has visited your site it shown in result, coming to Leadfeeder it can identify and checkout which is the quality lead. Some companies browse your website for your product, Leadfeeder notify you regarding best lead via email with this you can checkout and make a quick response on your lead. This is the best way to get leads and make successful ratio for generating lead, you can get this leads before your competitor takes away from you.

Leadfeeder comes with autogenerated lead scoring, it shows which is best lead from from lead list. Never waste your time and effort by spending time on waste leads, Leadfeeder remove or hide waste or unwanted companies from the list so you an keep interest and concentrate only on best and quality leads which gives revenue. Common leads gives you a is the client is interested to buy or not, with common leads you can communicate with client and discuss about your product if he/she interested you can get the sale.

Leadfeeder is best software which connect to the software programme already-existing sales and tools which are used for marketing. Leadfeeder is integrated with third party applications such as Zapier, Zoho, CRM, HubSpot and many more.

Leadfeeder Benefits

Leads Generation

Leadfeeder is a best tool for generating leads from current traffic, which can seen in Google Analytics, it gathers data and gives best value insights by turning visitor details and contact information, Leadfeeder shows you on which page customer has visited for what service he is looking for by visitor our site this details you can checkout, withthis you can also have a idea that for what customer has visitor our website with this we can communicate to customer and checkout what he need and generate leads.

Lead accuracy

Leadfeeder works effectively by removing bots, ISPs and other waste stuff which shows only best leads. The best part of Leadfeeder is when comparing to other tools it removes waste lead, so that you can keep focus on high rated leads. Based on web activity system automatically gives scores leads, based on score you can work for generation of leads. Get best Leadfeeder discount price on Leadfeeder Plans.

Account-based marketing

When you connect Leadfeeder with Google Analytics, you will be getting complete details of company and contact information. The best part of Leadfeeder is it provides a list of target accounts which can notify you through email when the prospects or company browse your website, monitoring tools let you notify when the prospect ready to make conversion.

Send Leads To Your CRM system

Leadfeeder is a best tool to checkout which is best prospect to generate leads. Send leads to your system automatically which you are using already. This tool works on your lead geneate process with exisiting CRM. Leadfeeder automated populated your CRM system and shows you which is the best and quality leads.

High-Intent lead lists

Once leads genereated, Leadfeeder provides you list of quality deals which can divided into employee number, industry, web activity, geography, email id and more. based on website traffic Leadfeeder gives a list of high priority leads which can gives high ratio of sales and transactions.

Leadfeeder Price

Leadfeeder offers you free trial version for 7 days which some limited features, you can checkout whether it works generating leads through your website. Get best Leadfeeder discount price on Leadfeeder Plans.

Premium Plan

After trial version you need to subscribe Premium plan $55/month

leadfeeder discount

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