JivoChat Review : Extra 35% OFF JivoChat Coupon Code

Jivochat review will start with homepage of Jivochat. Green indicates the nature everyone likes green, the the of Jivochat is green which looks pleasant good.

Aim Of Jivochat ” Turn your website visitors into paying customers with JivoChat’

Jivochat is a freetool helps you to monitor your customers who connects through Website, Social Media Pages, Viber and Telegram. Lets Sign up Jivochat and check how it works.

At the time of signup page your current email id, password and promocode box will displayed, while signup itself having a promo code option, that sounds good while signup to save some bucks.

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JivoChat Analysis

while i do signup i thought so many steps are there but last step i found the Jivochat code, you can checkout the code below is the screenshot of code.

jivochat installation code

After signup process done, installed desktop application, inbox section you can view in app’s sidebar, in inbox all the requests from customers are stored here, then we have section chat, current conversation looks like the below screenshot

jivochat test chat

The best thing about JivoChat is you can check the data of customer when you do chatting regarding query, this is best thing when customer visiting your site having any query from his/her they can chat directly through Jivochat box

The “Invitation To Chat” feature available on Professional Version, in this version has a wide range of options for popup invitations

The best thing about Jivochat is Snippet option included in application. This snippet feature shows to us what user writes before he/she send to us, you can understand and make a fast reply regarding customer quiry.

Additionally, when customer writes a query agent gets a small popup on the bottom right side, if you want to reply or not for this quiry or ignore. Ignorance you should not do because a customers is a boss to us.

jivochat test page

JivoChat Features

With in this JivoChat Review we will explain the features too. Best thing about Jivochat is callback feature, customer can leave there details like phone number, email id, by checking this details you can callback to your customer regarding there query.

some customer may dont like to chat so they can leave there details with this you can call then make conversation and make a sucessfull transaction of your product, never loose a customer without delay, beactive with customer with conversation get more leads on your product.

When no one is available to chat, Jivochat features the client details so with this you communicate to client when you are available and make a transaction successful leads.

Facebook messenger is integrated in Jivochat, with this feature customer can respond to there query right to their facebook. when it comes to your as a agent, Jivo doesnt force you to reply to all the apps of messenger. All the messenger of social network messages will appear at one place JivoChat desktop and/or mobile app.

Checkout the another feature is Mobile SDK, this SDK allow you to livechat support to your Android and iOS native apps. Now a days everyone has smartphones, if the customer browsing your site through mobile they will definitely find it very convenient.

Jivochat works on all platform Windows, Mac, iPhone, WEb Browser and Android phones. The best thing about Jivochat is it can translated into 20 languages to keep customer more satisfied.

Interm of design, your website looks very cool and good i can say the UX never lack the website. When i was checking my website, i clicked in chatwindow n number of times, chatbox doesnt opened then i recognized need to click on “Chat with us. We are online!”  prompt.

JivoChat Pricing

Jivochat has two plans one is Basic plan and other is Professional Plan

Basic Plan : Its costs nothing you can subscribe for free. This plan includes 5 agents, it customized in 20 languages, This basic plan supports various apps, desktop and smartphones and 247 customer support.

Professional Version : This plan features $10 per agents for month, if you are paying for annually, by subscribing this plan you can get additionally more features, you can see in the screenshot below.

jivochat pricing page

Jivochat Review Verdict:

On checking the JivoChat Review then you say Jivochat is a best solution for the companies who is looking for best live chat fuction in there business website, you will be getting this Jivochat for best price using the JivoChat Coupon Code and Discounts.

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