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Today’s Carts Guru Review

Who’s not scared of the abandoned shopping cart? And it’s that within the end it could are a purchase except for some reason didn’t materialize, Check the Carts Guru Review and if you buy then use Carts Guru Promo Code for your maximum savings.

The less bad a part of this is often that there are applications like Carts Guru, which are responsible of reminding the customer that he forgot a sale , by reminding this future for sure one fine day the customer make transaction on this product and we get sale

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Its all about Carts Guru, Carts Guru Review

Carts Guru Review : What It Is

As i discussed before, Carts Guru is an application that serves to remind the customer that he features a pending cart. this is often done via an email, text message, or voice message.

Carts Guru is a cart automation software

This software is beneficial because it turns the abandoned car into a possible sale.

Those who have used this tool to send reminders to customers have significantly increased sales thanks to abandoned carts.

Carts Guru Features

The services offered by Carts Guru dwell reminding customers of the shopping carts they need left behind. This contributes to higher sales levels.

  • It offers the likelihood to personalize e-mail campaigns.
  • Allows to send messages through Facebook Messenger, to those customers who have left a forgotten handcart .
  • Send messages to customers through Instagram.
  • Allows the creation and management of personalized coupons.
  • It offers the likelihood of including several websites.
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The costs of Carts Guru will depend upon the sort of plan you would like to get . a crucial feature of this heramieta, is that it offers a Free Trial for 14 days, during which the user are going to be ready to determine if the merchandise is tailored to their needs and what they require in their e-commerce.

However, if after 10 days you opt to get the program, there are these options:


this plan is liberal to attend only 50 carts. In spite of the very fact that it offers basic services, it’s limited in comparison to the others. generally it offers 100 SMS, email and chat reminders and unlimited interactions per cart.


It costs $199 a month. Features include up to 500 reoriented carts and a couple of ,000 text messages. once you contract it you’ll have support via email, chat and telephone.


For a price of $499 a month you’ve got 2,000 recovered carts, 5,000 SMS and a support service with a fanatical account manager.

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Who uses Carts Guru

Carts Guru is employed by a good sort of companies and online stores, which require the services of an application like this.

In general, it can cover small companies and even large companies, as this software is typically very powerful and functional for any sort of business.

Final Verdict

Carts Guru’s opinions are very positive. Most users indicate that this software features a very easy to use and intuitive interface, therefore the process of customization and creation of campaigns is extremely simple. Thus being very useful for website administrators, solving most of the issues of forgotten carts.

Another point in favor that users indicate, is that it offers the likelihood of relocating those people that left their cart but didn’t identify themselves, leading to a really efficient process for increasing sales.

Users also praise the method of making campaigns; as mentioned above, it’s very simple. And at the customer level, it’s not annoying, since it’s not SPAM emails or messages with constant announcements; it’s simply alittle , subtle reminder, most of which is employed to retrieve a purchase .

As for the negative comments, the users indicate that it’s such an easy software to use, that for those more advanced users, it’s very simple. Many users indicated that it might be great if they added more functionalities to the program, thus increasing the advantages to be perceived.

However, generally terms the opinions regarding this program are very positive, and most of the people recommend it, indicating that it’s a tool that works perfectly for what it had been designed; therefore, I highly recommend it to recover those lost carts and increase your sales.

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