Brush Hero Review

Brush Hero is Associate in Nursing motor vehicle particularization brush that’s high-powered by water pressure from a typical hosepipe. will it extremely work? Here is our Brush Hero review.

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About Brush Hero

Brush Hero could be a water hopped-up motor vehicle cleaner with a spinning brush. the product website is, that was first registered in june 2015. The screen shot below shows however the product web site looked in april 2017.

brush hero review

Claims & Features

Spinning brush cleaner
Powered by a regularhosepipe
Cleans tires, hubcaps, & rims
Does not need electricity or batteries
Multiple uses (clean out of doorspiece of furniture, grills, bikes, boats, etc…)


Brush Hero prices $34.99. Shipping is seemingly free. It comes with a black brush for additional sensitive improvement and a white brush for more durable improvement.

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Brush Hero Review

Brush Hero could be a spinning brush attachment that connects to your hose and permits you to wash a spread of surfaces. the first advertised use for Brush Hero is related to automotive cleanup, like the edges or front grill.

To use Brush Hero, you decide on that of the 2 brushes you would like to use (hard or soft), attach it to your hose, and apply your favorite cleaner to the surface being clean.

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Brush Hero features a switch that permits you to show the water on or off, which suggests you don’t have to walk back to the tap to regulate the water. That switch is engaged by the flip of your thumb.

Features Of Brush Hero

Another nice feature is that you simply will quickly disconnect the brush portion of Brush Hero from the hose and attach another spray head. this may be refrained from having to show the water off at the tap.

I had an opportunity to see a Brush Hero in action, and located that it worked concerning as publicized . It offered spectacular torsion, even once creating by removal into tough areas.

There were, of course, a number of potential things of note.

Brush Hero Car Cleaning

If you’re cleansing your car’s rims, that is featured heavily in the advertising, it should not effectively clean all of the nooks and ridges, despite the comb you decide on.

For people who sleep in water conservation areas (like me), this appears to use much more water than alternative strategies (like a bucket and a sponge). Also, as a result of the water is running whereas it’s getting used, you’ll wish to wash from the bottom upward. cleansing from the top downward can will rinse away all of your cleaner by the time you get to very cheap.

There are a good kind of uses for Brush Hero, and also the product are simpler for a few uses than others. I’m not sure that cleaning a car’s rims is that the most effective job for Brush Hero, though that appears to be the aim that most customers use it.

In my case, Brush Hero wasn’t a lot of of a time saver for rims, and at $35 I hoped it might be. make certain to scan a number of the many reader comments on Amazon to get a feel for the praise and the criticism directed at Brush Hero.

Overall, opinions ar principally positive, however there’s a large minority of dissatisfied customers who should even be heard.


Some users just like the plan of a spinning cleaner brush hooked up to a drill, like this $16 Drillbrush Scrubber that holds a high rating on-line.

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